Friday, August 17, 2012

Daniel Gray Moore

I know, child number 3 is already getting the short end of the stick.  I am just now announcing his birth on the blog. (Thank goodness I can change the posting date.) I assure you he is not being neglected at home, he is getting cuddled almost every second he is awake.
On September 13, 2011,  I couldn't get comfortable, so I slept on the couch. I had contractions most of the night, but every time I thought it was almost time to go to the hospital they would stop. Monte came to check on me about 5:45 am on the 14th. (I was sleeping in because Lexie had been sick, so I already had my sub called in for that day.) At that point, the contractions were getting stronger and staying regular. I told Monte that we would probably need to go to the hospital soon. He asked if he needed to get in the shower. I told him no and that he should go back to bed and get a little more sleep. At 6:00 I stood up, and my water broke. So I did what came naturally for me, I picked up my phone and sent Monte a text that read, "Get in the shower now, my water broke!" He ran into check on me. I think I was still pretty calm. I already had my bag packed, but I had to double check everything. Monte kept trying to rush me out the door, and I think I was driving him crazy with my lack of speed getting out the door. (We left the house at 7:00.) Lexie stayed home with Carter until my parents and Deanna could get there. My mom came up to the hospital. Lexie had planned on being at the hospital during the delivery, but since she was sick she decided to stay home until it was time to see the baby.'
This delivery was a wonderful way to end my pregnancy. When I got to the hospital, they took me up the OB floor and got me all checked in and hooked up. (At this point my contractions were getting pretty strong.) They asked if I wanted to have an epidural, and I said not really. The nurse asked me why I wouldn't, and I explained that I had a hard time pushing with Carter and I didn't want a C-section because I couldn't push. She explained that their anesthesiologists had come up with the perfect recipe for an epidural; I would still be able to feel everything, but it would take the edge off. Let me tell you, it was perfect!! The nurse left the room for a minute, came back to check me, told me I was complete and that she would get the doctor. It was so fast and easy! After pushing through two contractions, Daniel Gray Moore was born at 10:45 am on September 14, 2011. He was 19 inches long and weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces. (I am pretty sure the pounds were in his thighs. He had/has the biggest thighs!) He was absolutely perfect, and I fell in love instantly!!

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